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win95-driver by brucesflickr on Flickr.

Jornada de Esperança (“Greybeard”) - Brian Aldiss

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Found - SPC ECO

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Space Colony Art from the 1970’s

Princeton physicist Gerard O’Neill in collaboration with NASA Ames Research Centre and Stanford University held a series of space colony studies that explored the potentiality of humans inhabiting giant spaceships. Structures that held over 10,000 people were constructed and the artistic representations of them are fascinating.

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O’Neill, Gerard, et al. The O’Neill Cylinder and NASA Space Colony Art from the 1970s. 1970. Washington, D.C., United States.

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Exposição - A Magia de Escher (BH)

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Contraste (ordem e caos) M.C. Escher - 1950 ( A Magia de Escher)

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